Bulking the Fervor

I feel as though I’m supposed to be blogging on some sort of planning or progress I’ve made on an audio project I should be working on. I’m finding it hard to gather motivation or ideas as to what I’m going to work on in relation to the “library music” I’m supposed to have composed and produced by the end of the trimester so here are just a few of the many songs that I’m finding to be somewhat inspirational/motivational in regards to the aforementioned task.

The first song is a remix of New Order’s ‘Confusion’. You may recognise it from the film Blade. Let’s face it. It’s just a fully sic song that makes you want to get up, go out, consume some kind of amphetamine and rave, no matter what night of the week….. which is a good thing.

To me, this second song is equally as, if not more sterling than the first (‘OPR’ – Gesaffelstein). The sounds. The textures. It satisfies my ears like no other song before it. Give the whole thing a listen. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

‘Flickr’ by Porter Robinson….. just shmick. It amazes me how people compose and produce these songs (I have no experience in electronic music production).

Though I’m a little doubtful of my ability to produce anything anywhere near as good as any of these three songs, they’ve worked me into enough of a fervor to begin experimenting with recreating similar sounds/feels. Hopefully I can provide a few examples of my experimentation in my next blog post.


5 thoughts on “Bulking the Fervor

    1. Yeah, I heard on triple j when Porter Robinson’s new album was their feature album that he’s taken influence from video games sounds. The whole album is pretty fucking bonza. You should legally download it 😉


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