Project Work: Studio Session One – 6/11/14

So the date above marked the beginning of my final project work with Ananda Duffy and Jordan Hams. Our project outline as quoted from our Learning Contract:

“Three, three minute songs will be produced. Each will be suited for advertisement of a very general and versatile product e.g. bottled water. The target audience is very wide but due to the chosen genres will most likely be any age and gender up to 60 years of age. Though the unifying theme of this project is music for advertisements the music will be suitable for use outside of the advertisement field.”

Our chosen genres are 80s glam rock, cheerful indie pop, and hip hop (more of the modern, heavily synthesized type).

As a group, we decided that the first step of this project work should be to analyze current songs of the above three genres but to focus more on the ‘cheerful indie pop’ song first as it seemed to be the simplest, most organic sound so most likely the easiest sound to recreate. Once we’d done a general analysis of the overall sound/s of the song we went into the studio to figure out some chords and strumming on an acoustic guitar for the verse and chorus. What we came up with is very similar to the song ‘Stay The Night’ by James Blunt (the song we analyzed for this genre) but a little bit different so as not to copy the song completely. Jordan and Ananda can be seen figuring out the chords below.

photo 2

We initially recorded the guitar using a single NT2A placed in front of the sound hole (see below). We weren’t intending to actually record material for later use. We anticipated that day’s studio session would be more of a muck around but what Jordan managed to come up with on the guitar turned out to be entirely usable for our end product.

photo 4After a while our old mate Allain popped in for a visit and to record us on camera for a small project he’s doing as a film student).

photo 3Allain later suggested to us the use of a left and right SE4 microphone along with the NT2A in the centre. We trialed this method with the left SE4 facing the body of the guitar and the right facing the fret board and found that it produced a desirable sound. We planned to used this miking technique in our next recording session.


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