Project Work: Studio Session Three – 13/11/14

Due to Jordan’s unavailability for this studio session (Jordan being the bulk of the musical talent) Ananda and I decided to record some clapping on the offbeat as we hear it in the original song, Stay The Night, So we hired out just a single NT2A. Ananda went into the liveroom and I stayed in the studio to record. We then swapped positions just for the sake of having more than a single clap (as there is in the song) and in case one person was better able to clap on the offbeat than the other.

When played back together, our two different claps created a strange clicking sound, not at all like the traditional clapping sound we desired. We then applied some compression and experimented with different reverb plugins in Pro Tools. Ananda managed to achieve something very similar to the cheerful clapping sound we desired though we decided it still needs a bit of tweaking reverb and pitch wise.


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