Project Work: Studio Session Four – 19/11/14

For this, the fourth studio session of our group project, we had aimed to record some more acoustic guitar to thicken the sound of the chorus parts we’d recorded so far. We thought that we’d do this by creating a strumming pattern to accompany the single strums we’d already recorded for the chorus. We actually ended up using the ‘clean’ setting on Jordan’s guitar amp with a simple strumming pattern he came up with on his electric guitar to fill in the chorus as we desired.


We’d also aimed to come up with a simple, catchy melody to be played throughout the song and another, different melody to replace the vocals as we wouldn’t be recording vocals for this (or any) or our songs. Unfortunately we weren’t able to agree on, as a group, what the melody should consist of (note-wise) or how it should sound generally. I felt that we each had great difficulty communicating what we thought about the melody and the resulting confusion about each person’s views on the matter led to a bit of tension within the group. This was somewhat alleviated by a group meeting after our studio session. We all agreed that by the end of the day we needed a melody for our song in order to remain on track with the project. Ananda offered to stay back at uni and attempt to figure one out using MIDI in Logic Pro. I stayed back with her and while she worked on the melody I tried to find a suitable drum loop in Logic Pro for our next song, the ‘man anthem’, which we hoped to start tracking the next day.


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