Project Work: Studio Session Five – 20/11/14

Prior to this studio session the group had agreed that the main objectives of this particular session should be to track the melody and ukelele part for the James Blunt song. Unfortunately we hadn’t yet lined up a ukelele player to come in and play the parts we needed so we decided to skip that till the next studio session (hopefully). We didn’t end up achieving the other main objective for this session either as Jordan hadn’t had time to practice the melody Ananda had come up with the day before. So we were forced to discuss a new game plan! So we decided to move onto working on the second of our three song project, the ‘man anthem’.

photo 2Fortunately, prior to this studio session, Jordan had come up with a super appropriate riff for the verse of our ‘man anthem’. Apparently the inspiration/influence for the riff was a bit of ACDC and a bit of Zakk Wylde. We used to same mic/DI set up as the previous studio session (NT2A and SM57 pointed at left and right speaker of amp respectively and the guitar DI’d through the amp) as we liked the sound it gave us.

photo 1

photo 4Unfortunately, due to the time signature of Jordan’s riff we had trouble fitting it into four bars. After quite a few takes of a few different lengths we decided to just cut the most appropriate take and use that over and over when we reached the editing stage for that song. We just hope it’s going to sound OK when it actually comes down to it!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.59.33 PMAfter that we ended up recording a guitar riff for the chorus (also something cool and genre appropriate that the talented Jordan had come up with). We got four takes and narrowed it down to the best one (timing wise) that took up two bars. We then recorded with the amp on a different setting (a ‘Metallica’ setting as opposed to the ‘Zakk Wylde’ setting we’d been using since the beginning of the session). The purpose of this was to give the illusion of two guitars playing the chorus together. This would make the sound ‘thicker’ and bigger. We got four takes again and found the third was the best take timing wise (takes up two bars). We decided that any of the takes could be used in the end, really (with a bit of editing).

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.59.26 PMFor our next studio session we planned to record the guitar ‘licks’ and/or solos for each part of the ‘man anthem’ song.


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