Project Work: Studio Session Eight – 27/11/14

Prior to commencing this studio session facilitator Mars came in to listen to what we’d recorded already and to make sure we were on the right track with the project. He gave us some very valuable feedback and ideas for each of the three songs we’re in the process of producing. His advice after listening to the original James Blunt track, Stay The Night and then listening to what we’d tracked so far was to make sure we experiment with compression because the original track we’re trying to emulate is so heavily compressed. He advised us to use outboard compression and agreed to attend our next studio session so he could show us some innovative ways to compress our tracks to get an appropriate sound for what we’re after. Mars’ advice for our man anthem after listening to our reference track (What’s Eatin’ You by Airbourne) and what we’ve tracked to date was to make sure we track/program the drums ASAP because we should have done that earlier in the piece and if we don’t do it soon we’ could end up going off on a tangent (tempo wise). He also gave us good advice on this song/genre in terms of structure as well as how to keep it simple but still interesting and easily identifiable as the genre we’re aiming for. Though we hadn’t programmed anything for our hip hop song yet, we showed Mars our reference track (Right Thurr by Chingy) and he was able to give us some very helpful tips for producing a hip hop sound such as programming the sounds we want, playing them through speakers, then miking up the speakers and recording that sound. This will help it to sound ‘urban’ and ‘gritty’ like our reference track. All in all, very helpful/interesting advice from our facilitator. The group agreed to at least attempt to implement each of his ideas.

photo 3Onto the rest of the studio session: Jordan had come up with a build-up to the chorus (pre-chorus) for the man anthem so we recorded that (with the same mic set up as the rest of the recording sessions for that song).

photo 1Then we took one of Mars’ ideas about the man anthem and put it into practice. That idea being that the initial part of the chorus solo should actually be the intro to the whole song as it hooks the listener instantly and gives them a feel for exactly what the rest of the song has in store for them. We took two different recordings, each slightly different but very similar to the chorus solo. Which one we use is up to the group member during the individual mix process.

photo 2


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