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The following blog contains information on frameworks producers and the like have used for evaluating their pieces/success. I’ve also explained how I can relate their frameworks back to the evaluation of my own project work.

Austin Wintory – Composer for film, games and concert stage.


In his blog post titled The Real Reason Why, Wintory writes of how his reason for composing music has changed from when he was just starting to why he does it now. When he was younger it was more about “the love of it” and the collaboration with other musicians and creative artists. Now he says it’s more about making music that, in his words, “resonates with people”. His reason for creating music is reaffirmed when he finds out it has connected with people and people have connected with each other as a result of it.

Though I think Wintory’s reason to create music is very valid, I don’t think it’s easily relatable back to my own project. I don’t feel that the three, near complete tracks we’ve come up with are going to “resonate with people” in the way Wintory intends for his own music to resonate. Perhaps the only thing that would resonate would be one of the catchy melodies Ananda came up with for our recreating of James Blunt’s Stay The Night. It would resonate in the way that it would get stuck in peoples’ heads (as it does mine). That’s about it though, I’d say.

 RedOne – Grammy-winning producer


 RedOne is a producer who’s worked with and/or produced for chart toppers like Jason Derulo, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Usher. During an interview with the Wall Street Journal’s Lee Hawkins, RedOne speaks of a few of the artists he’s worked with and the fun he’s had while working with them. At 8:50 he mentions having fun while making music. He says as long as he’s having fun making it, it will be a hit.

Though I have had fun while working on my current project, I am still uncertain of how well my final mixes will do when it comes to grading. I am also uncertain of how usable they’ll be as production music as I haven’t left myself enough time to mix them properly, to the level I’d prefer.

 Butch Vig – Grammy-winning producer

butch vig

 He spoke with New York based, blog website Village Voice about a few of the albums he’s produced including Smashing Pumpkins’ Gish, Sonic Youth’s Dirty and Nirvana’s Nevermind. Of Nevermind he mentions how he knew it “was great and it was catchy”. He speaks of how he called the band’s manager about a week before it topped the charts and asked if he thought it would do so. Apparently their manager responded with “Not a chance—Michael Jackson is on the charts.”

This would have been a very good way to measure a band or artist’s success as Michael Jackson was such a popular artist who dominated the charts at many stages. For the album to then hit number one would have been a very accurate way to measure the band’s success.

As my mixes aren’t intended to “top charts” the only way I can think to implement this framework for measuring the success of my own project is in the arena of grades.

James Blunt – award-winning singer/songwriter and musician


 James Blunt’s Stay The Night is one of the reference tracks for our group project. In an interview with’s Adam Miller, he talks about the making of the album, which Stay The Night features on. He says that his producer, who predominantly works with alternative, indie artists has produced very good music, but it’s not music that one would hear on the charts (like the music of Beck and Badly Drawn Boy). Of this observation, Blunt says “that teaches me that perhaps the charts aren’t the most important thing.”

I can relate this back to my project in the same way as a previous paragraph. Even if my work doesn’t receive a good grade in the end, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad, it just means that Mars thinks it’s bad. Just because a lot of people don’t necessarily like a genre of music or a particular song enough for it to top charts it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily bad. It’s just that those particular people don’t like it. So in the end, in some ways it really only matters if I like the three songs I’ve submitted.


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