Studio Project: Pre-production

Towards the start of this trimester at university, Ananda, Lisa, Dan and I agreed to work together as a group to complete a project of our choice. We agreed upon the idea of recording an EP for an artist/band and also recording a couple of their songs performed live at, most likely, the Hifi in Westend. This was the plan. All we had to do now was find an artist or band willing to perform for us. Upon reflection, I believe we should have been more proactive in this task. The start of a new trimester is always quite relaxed for (most of) my peers and I. It’s hard to get back into the flow of uni after a break and I think this was most of the reason we weren’t hurrying to find someone. Another reason was that Dan had been in communication with a musician relative of his about the idea. I think the rest of us just sat back and assumed they would be able to commit to it. Unfortunately, it was confirmed in week six that he (the artist) wouldn’t be able to commit to the project. This was a very stressful week for our group. It was week six and we didn’t even have someone to record for our big project.

That day (18/3/15) we began searching local gig guides, Brisbane Music Scene Facebook page and posting about it on our own Facebook pages in a desperate attempt to find a band for our project. With no immediate luck, we decided to head on down to Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall to watch a makeshift band formed partly of members of Cattleprod, the band we’d seen perform there a few weeks earlier. leftysDan managed to get in contact with one of the guitarists to inform him we’d be there that night and we’d like to discuss the project with him. We had a chat with him before the gig and to our excitement he seemed really keen to get involved. We stayed for their first set and were really excited by the prospect of recording them. As a country/blues/rockabilly band they had an amazing stage presence and played a great set together. DSC_0063

DSC_0053At one point, Lisa and Dan approached the audio engineer while he was working at the console. He spoke to them about the general live set up of the venue including stage boxes and microphones along with the console and its functions, one of them being the capability to record live tracks straight out of the desk into a computer. All we’d have to do is bring a Mac with Pro Tools. Apparently he wasn’t the usual sound engineer so they were instructed to get in touch with the usual guy (his name escapes me) to discuss the possibility of doing this. DSC_0062

After this experience at Lefty’s and our conversation with Rupert (the guitarist) we were all very excited to collaborate with Cattleprod on our project!


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