Studio Project: Pre-Production & Recording – Pete’s Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

photo 3 copyFor this studio session we’d booked the Neve for five hours (on 13/4/15). Again, we had little time to plan for this one due to short notice so we went with what we knew in regards to microphones and miking techniques (though we didn’t discuss this at length before actually reaching the studio). When Pete arrived at the studio he informed us that he’d have to leave for about an hour half way through the session. Because of this we split the whole session into a first and second session, each with a different goal. The first was to lay down the acoustic guitar for each of the five tracks. DSC_0020We initially had delays in reaching the recording stage due to confusion as to which mics to use for what and an error message in Pro Tools meaning we physically couldn’t record. After Dan managed to fix it, we managed to do a sound check by 1.55pm and started recording soon after meaning we had plenty of time to record the acoustic guitar for two of the five songs (with room for a few takes and punch ins). The aim of the second session was to finish recording the guitar for the other three songs as well as the vocals for all five. photo 3When Pete came back to the studio he easily fell into the groove he had built up during the first session meaning we easily got everything recorded with plenty of room for multiple takes (which we used).


I think the biggest thing we learned from this session was to be more prepared. Though we’d had this problem with previous recording sessions I think it was finally starting to sink in. Though it’s sometimes hard to get everyone together or get everyone to contribute to online discussion on session plans due to out-of-uni commitments and life in general I think we’re all making a better effort at it after experiencing the difficulty and mild stress of some of our studio experiences. We also agreed to ask artists to arrive further into a studio booking than we have been to give us more setup time. This would mean we’d look more professional and organized and be able to keep with our planned timeline more effectively.  DSC_0027


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