Studio Project: Live Recording at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall


Our group was keen for the live recording aspect of the project but we weren’t sure if it would actually happen due to the fact that it was so late in the trimester and the band didn’t seem to know when they’d all be playing there again. We eventually got confirmation from them a few days before the gig which was scheduled for Wednesday 22/4/15 (week 11 of our 13 week trimester). Once it was confirmed we started to lock in our plans for the evening.DSC_0190

We’d been in contact with the bar manager and sound engineer who were both okay to have us there. Greg (the sound engineer) ran us through the live sound setup and console (Behringer X32) and assisted in setting up Dan’s laptop to record the gig (we recorded the stems straight out of the desk into Pro Tools on the laptop). He was obviously so confident in Lisa and Dan’s abilities that he decided to go home halfway through Cattleprod’s first set, leaving them in charge of the desk’s operation. That was pretty cool.


I’d double checked with James (the bar manager) that it was okay if we filmed the gig (which it was). We thought this would be a good aspect to add to the overall project. Something that would set it apart from other projects we’d done as well as a good promotional tool for Cattleprod (if we got good enough footage). We had four cameras ready to go: a GoPro set up on a tripod on the balcony level facing down and slightly diagonal to the stage. Ananda would hold her compact Nexus photo/video camera closer to the stage (we only had one DSC_0178tripod unfortunately). Lisa would use the camera function on her Sony smart phone as it produces a very good quality image. She’d stand slightly closer to the stage but move around a bit. We’d also use Dan’s iPad to film a bit from different angles around the place, just in case. We really only wanted to film two or three full songs and use a combination of each camera’s footage to compile some kind of film clip. We wanted to film specific songs but especially Dead Man’s Bones as it’s an original, composed by Pete (the lead singer and acoustic guitarist). We had asked the band when they’d be performing it but they didn’t end up playing it when they said they would which made it kind of difficult for the people manning cameras. Though this was a problem we did manage to capture the whole song plus more of the others.DSC_0212

Cattleprod’s performance was amazing, particularly their second and third sets. I’m so glad we have the whole gig recorded as I’d like to listen to it in my own time once we’ve had a chance to do a little bit of mixing with it. It was a really great night overall and I’d love the chance to work in this kind of situation again.


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