Trimester 5 Project: Game of Thrones Sound Replacement

The project I’ve agreed to work on this trimester is the sound replacement of (part of) a scene from one of the most recent Game of Thrones episodes (season five). Sound replacement involves replacing all the sonic elements throughout a film or, in this case, scene. Working with Ananda Duffy, Lisa Meier and Bran Rihan, … More Trimester 5 Project: Game of Thrones Sound Replacement

Scary Soundscape

A task as part of our audio course this trimester (AUS230) is to create a scary soundscape. The theme we are supposed to follow is ‘space’ (like space travel, aliens, planets etc.). We watched the movie Event Horizon during class time to get an idea of the type of sounds we may or may not … More Scary Soundscape

Musical Aesthetics

In this blog post I will be evaluating the aesthetic differences between two songs by different artists and of different genres. The aesthetics of music greatly influence the impression a particular piece has on the listener and also the type of person who chooses to listen to it. For example, if an individual prefers to … More Musical Aesthetics