Game of Thrones Sound Replacement: Recording at the Abbey Medieval Festival

11707523_1511150589107372_8619281145621463164_nAs mentioned in a couple of my previous blog posts, a part of our project plan was to do some location recording at the Abbey Medival Festival in Caboolture, Qld. The festival was held this past weekend, the 11th & 12th of July. We all bought two-day tickets with the idea of doing most of the recording on the Saturday and if need be, we’d have the Sunday left to record anything we’d missed or anything we hadn’t captured properly or enough of. In a project meeting a few days before, we’d agreed that the need for proper delegation within the group was imperative in for us to deliver the product on time. The original idea to have everyone contributing evenly was to cut the chosen scene into four approximately even sections and have each person working on all sound replacement aspects of their one section. However, we figured out it would be more time efficient to divide the whole group into pairs with one pair, Ananda and Lisa, focusing on the score and ambience tracks for the whole scene and the other pair, Bran and I, focusing on the Foley and ADR for the whole scene. So, naturally, we’d split into pairs for the festival recording as well. This was mostly influenced by the fact it would be easier to have two people on each set of equipment. We’d booked the H6N Zoom mic with two NT5 small diaphragm condenser microphones with a stereo bar for stereo recording of crowd sounds and ambience (Lisa and Ananda’s job). We’d also booked the 552 mixer with an NTG2 shotgun mic along with a blimp and boom pole to try and capture some more direct sounds like sword hits and footsteps (Bran and my job).

11667324_10207337029933451_2295757540310188787_nIn the week leading up to that weekend the weather forecast for the Saturday changed to predict showers throughout the day. As we were borrowing the recording equipment from university we though it best to reschedule for a Sunday recording session. We definitely wouldn’t want to get caught in the rain, potentially damaging the equipment, leaving ourselves thousands of dollars in debt to SAE Brisbane. So that was the new plan: record everything on Sunday instead of Saturday. So Saturday came around and it wasn’t raining as it was supposed to. It was actually quite a beautiful, sunny day causing Ananda and Bran to make a snap decision to head out to the festival and see what they could get. It was early afternoon by the time they arrived so they didn’t have much time left but they still managed to record a bit on the H6N using its mid-side attachment as well as the NT5 stereo pair. It was also a good chance for them to scope out the festival format for the scheduled recording on Sunday.

SAE MED FAIR2015-5468

On Sunday, we arrived at the festival around 8.15am for opening at 8.45. After a quick breakfast we separated off in ours pairs to start recording. Bran and I did manage to record a bit of sound, but not nearly as much as we’d anticipated. It was hard to capture direct sounds as there was a lot going on all around us e.g. people speaking on PAs, music, people having conversations and, of course, the canon that went off at certain points throughout the day. Luckily, Ananda and Lisa were able to record a lot of really good crowd sound and ambience as well as a few other interesting sounds.SAE MED FAIR2015-5442

Though Bran and I didn’t record as much as we’d hoped to, we remain confident in the fact that we can easily reproduce the sound effects and Foley we need in the studios at uni.


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