Game of Thrones Sound Replacement: Placing Sound Effects in Pro Tools

At this stage in the project we’ve recorded/acquired nearly all the sounds we need for the scene. I’ve cut up all of our recordings and bounced them out into a sample library ready for use. Bran and I decided it would be best to do half of the sound placement each so Bran has the first half and I have the second. The whole scene features a lot of combat i.e. people stabbing one another with swords and knives. We didn’t manage to capture the best ‘sword’ sounds when we attempted to create and record them weeks ago but I’ve found that by layering a couple of them together with gory sounds like the stabs and cuts of knives and swords I can create a very convincing sound. For those parts where I couldn’t find a good match or the weapons weren’t making contact with flesh I’ve managed to locate proper sword fight samples.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.18.49 pm

Along with the sword sounds I’ve thrown in gory flesh cut/puncture sounds (as mentioned), grunts (including dying sounds), breathing, punches/hits and swooshes (of weapons being swung etc). I still have A LOT to go but It’s really starting to come together. Once the ambience track for that part of the scene is finished it will sound a lot fuller and more realistic. Without the ambience I’ve found it a bit difficult to determine exactly how much sound I need to replace. Not every action you see in a clip necessarily needs a sound placed with it (‘less is more’, as they say). What I’ve done in the meantime is download a semi-appropriate ambience track and place it underneath the rest of my sounds. It’s really helped the process along as it makes my work sound more realistic.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 8.42.32 pm

So that’s my progress so far! Bran has made a bit more progress than I have but we plan to have all of the sounds placed and our sessions combined by the start of next week so we can start the mixing process. Ananda and Lisa have been making great progress on the ambience and compositional side of things. We also have to do something about the dragon roars required for the clip but we’ll get to that next. We have a lot of work ahead of us but we’re all really looking forward to this thing coming together in a couple of weeks!


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