Game of Thrones Sound Replacement: Recording ADR

IMG_1270Over the past few weeks Bran and I had been organising with the campus voice actor (Duncan) to do an ADR session for our project. We had a studio booked one Tuesday a couple of weeks ago and Duncan was keen to complete the task but unfortunately he fell ill and ended up losing his voice. We agreed to wait till he got better but even a week later his voice was still raspy. With only three weeks left till our project was due we decided to throw together an ADR session the next

Bran Rihan - Pro Tools Operator
Bran Rihan – Pro Tools Operator

week with the help of some of our classmates. Most of the studios were all booked up but there was a three hour window where the Audient was available so we booked that for the next day (Wednesday 5/8/15). Bran mentioned to three of our peers that we had a booking and asked if they could spare some time that Wednesday to come in and say some lines for us. Luckily for us they could! So Alex, Frances and Patrick all jumped in to help us out. In hindsight, we should have had a script ready for them. I’m not sure why we didn’t think of that as it’s an obvious thing to have ready for a voice actor. I’d done an ADR session last trimester on the same sort of project for a Monty Python clip where we’d had one ready to read off of.

Alex Nasteski
Alex Nasteski/Tyrion Lannister

Anyway, we told the guys their particular characters’ lines and then they watched and listened to the original clip to perfect what they needed to say. Bran had setup all the slugs using the method featured in the video I referred to in this blogpost a few weeks back.

Prepared slugs.
Prepared slugs.

First up was Alex. We got him to read Tyrion Lannister’s lines (which there were two of). Bran operated Pro Tools while I maintained the desk setup (which was extremely simple).

Gettin' ma desk awwwnn
Gettin’ ma desk awwwnn

We felt that Alex’s voice was most appropriate for that actor. The original plan wasn’t for Alex to be that character but after a few run throughs we found he delivered those lines really well.

Next was Patrick. He played the part of Daario Naharis. His lines were more frantic and “yelly”. This wasn’t the original plan but we were impressed by how well Patrick delivered his lines. He was able to create a manly yelling voice without actually yelling and his voice was actually quite similar to the original.

Patrick Heaton
Patrick Heaton/Daario Naharis

Then we got Frances to read the parts of Hizdahr zo Loraq. Frances has quite a deep voice so we’d originally planned to use him for the character of Daario Naharis. It was only after Patrick’s great performance that we changed our minds. Frances completely changed the tone of his voice to deliver Hizdahr’s lines. Though this whole project is our own take on the scene, meaning we could have given the actor’s any voice we liked, we didn’t want the audience to be weirded out by drastically different voices for the character’s they know and love (a LOT of people watch Game of Thrones). We could have asked Frances to deliver the lines in his usual voice but with the appropriate accent but we agreed it would be too different.

Frances Crisci
Frances Crisci/Hizdahr zo Loraq

All of the lines we needed are located in Bran’s half of the scene. My scene only contains two lines spoken by Daenerys Targaryen which, as mentioned in an earlier blogpost, I’ve provided the voice for. Bran has chosen the best takes and edited the ADR and has told me that the lines we recorded for the three male characters are fantastic and fit the scene really well. Our gratitude goes out to Alex, Frances and Patrick! They did such a great job!


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