Game of Thrones Sound Replacement: Mixing Session One


As a group we’d booked a lot of C24 studio time for what we thought would be the first of our mixing sessions over last weekend. After combining all of the parts we’d been working on individually (Ananda and Lisa on ambience and composition and Bran and I on Sound effects) we found there was still a bit more work to be done on our individual sections before we could start the official mixing process. I was elected to pad the session out with some more sound effects. Bran worked on the dragon sounds (roars, shrieks etc), and Ananda and Lisa put the final touches on their parts of the composition as well as finishing off the crowd ambience.


The first of our official C24 mixing sessions was held on Monday 17/8/15 from 2.30pm to 10.30pm. The first step we took was to properly calibrate the studio for surround mixing. Luckily we did this as we found it had been moved around since the last time it was calibrated. After completing this task and importing all of the session data and audio still left to go, we decided to approach the mix section-by-section, element-by-element. By this I mean we started on the first section of the scene by getting the levels between the music and ambience tracks right. Once we were happy with that we went back to the start of that section and adjusted the levels of the sound effects (grunts, sword sounds, stabs etc.). We’d then move onto the next section. I should mention that as we went through each section, adjusting the sound effect levels we also took the high end off of a lot of them as well as pitch shifting quite a few as well. This gave a much more realistic sound to all the affected sounds. One of the crowd tracks was also doubled and pitch shifted down to give the impression of a larger crowd during the first section of the clip. Of course we also implemented the 40/20 room delay technique Guy Gray taught as a few weeks back.IMG_1289

We found our overall method to be a very effective way to approach the mix and we made sure to not spend too much time on the one thing so we didn’t lose time or get bogged down (a valuable pick of advice given to us by Guy). We managed to get the levels just about where we wanted them for the whole clip. We’d really get into the surround mixing during our next C24 session the following Wednesday 19/8/15.


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