Game of Thrones Sound Replacement: Mixing Session Two


On Wednesday 19/8/15 we had our second mixing session in the C24 studio. We had the studio booked for five hours in the morning and four hours in the evening. Our morning session consisted mostly of a watch through and adjustment of sound effects, crowd levels and a quick mix of the composition for the second half of the scene. Luckily, during class time between 3.30pm and 6.30pm we were able to snag Guy Gray in the C24 for some advice on how to go about our surround mix. The following points were the advice he gave us:

  • The dragon – it is the main focus when it arrives and should be louder and sound more menacing. Reverb on fire breathing with delay wash over. Pitch down reverb return at the back (SR and SL speakers) so roars and fire sounds are separated (decorrelated).
  • Dialogue – send to short reverb, EQ down to size (cut highs and lows off) to fit space they’re speaking in, chuck it through a “nasty” compressor (this means compress the dialogue heavily).
  • Timpani – if wanting more attack on the drums during certain parts can add a little bit of 2kHz.IMG_1297

These were just a few of the points the Guy gave us. His advice was incredibly helpful to us and ended up saving us a lot of time. After he left at 6.30 we did a bit more work on putting sounds through the LFE as well as a tiny bit more editing. At one point Bran and Lisa separated off so they could complete the ending credits for the final product. Ananda and I were left in the studio to adjust a few more things. After they returned to us we did a watch through to see if there was anything major standing out that we needed to fix. Each of us picked our three major issues with where the scene was at so far and fixed those. We then moved onto making sure the Maxim Limiter was doing a good job with the limiting. Though we’re EXTREMELY happy with our final surround mix there were still quite a few things we would’ve adjusted before handing it in. Unfortunately, due to that session being our last chance to mix in 5.1 we had to bounce the stems as finals. We didn’t have time to do the stereo mix so that will be completed tonight, Friday 21/8/15.


We had four hours to complete the stereo mix… and here it is! With the video!


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